Eisenberg plays the Marceau of legend in 'Resistance'

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Jesse Eisenberg as Marcel Marceau:

"What good does it do to teach them fear? I think it's important to help the children laugh in the middle of this war."

Resistance is a film written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz, based on the inspiring true story of the world-renowned mime Marcel Marceau, a then aspiring Jewish actor. Marceau joined the French Resistance to smuggle Jewish children across the border of Nazi-occupied France into Switzerland.

Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg stars as Marcel Mangel (later known as Marceau), the son of a Jewish butcher (Karl Markovics) living in Strasbourg, France. Marcel prefers to perform in Strasbourg's cabaret clubs rather than chop meat in his father's shop. But when his politically active cousin (Geza Rohrig) persuades him to help care for a group of orphans rescued from Germany, he finds a new audience for his unique comedic performances.

This movie is an excellent example of a person's courage to uplift others, even during a tragedy. A notable scene occurs after the liberation of Paris in 1944 when Gen. George Patton (Ed Harris) introduces Marceau in his trademark performance makeup to U.S. troops, and Eisenberg gets to play the Marceau of legend.

While Resistance only holds a Hyperblinks True Score of 63%, it is a genuinely heartfelt reminder of the lifesaving work of artists. Without a single word, Eisenberg articulates the film's points better than any monologue ever could. The Marcel story is truly worth knowing.

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