Killah Trakz drops 'Get Up and Hustle' and more in 2020

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Killah Trakz:

"Baby I'll make it up when I slide back
Kiss they forehead, grab my bookbag
Turn my burner up, by my waist side
Then I'm off into the flash, Trakz!"

Killah Trakz returns with five new singles in 2020. The first single released this year with Sonny Velvet, Here Comes Trouble. Followed up by Welcome Back, the trending track with DJ Grumble, Get Up and Hustle, a collaboration with Elaquent, Old Times Sake, and his latest release, Throwback Benz.

Get Up and Hustle cover art

A bonus is that ever one of these singles, except for Throwback Benz, includes the instrumental. Other artists should take special note of this, especially in 2020. 

Killah Trakz released his debut album in 2007 titled Hoodz Prodigy, which surpassed 50,000 downloads in the first week. 

Since then, he has released a slew of singles such as The MenuSpit FuegoNight Away, and the most recent 2020 releases listed above. 

In his most recent Instagram post, he stated, "Peace to everyone that enjoys the streams. Give me time to deal with the anxieties to do videos, interviews, and TEAR DOWN SHOWS AGAIN." From the entire Hyperblinks fam, we certainly hope Trakz gets things in order soon because his music is truly a breath of fresh air. We'll be looking forward to more from Killah Trakz in 2020.

Listen to Killah Trakz's GetUp and Hustle on Spotify:

Listen to Killah Trakz's Old Times Sake on Spotify:

Listen to Killah Trakz's Throwback Benz on Spotify:

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